"The Masked Singer": Mülli Müller wins the grand finale

“The Masked Singer”
Mülli Müller wins the grand finale

“The Masked Singer” presenter Matthias Opdenhövel with season winner Mülli Müller.

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© ProSieben / Willi Weber

In the finale of “The Masked Singer” four celebrities were exposed. But which star won the show as Mülli Müller?

The fifth season of the hit show “The Masked Singer” on ProSieben has its winner! In the final on November 20th, Mülli Müller was able to convince the audience and secure victory. But who was under the mask? And what other stars were exposed in the show on Saturday night?

Who was the pug

First, the caterpillar, the pug, Mülli Müller and the heroine, the four finalists, presented their songs in a first round before a candidate had to take off her mask. Because there were technical problems with the app, the viewers had to vote for their favorites in the traditional way by phone or text message.

It soon became clear, however, that the pug had to be the first to unmask. The singer Carolin Niemczyk (31) from Glasperlenspiel was in the costume, as the audience and the guessing team had correctly suspected. Niemczyk then raved about the fact that the show had been a “wonderful and unique experience” for her.

The heroine is exposed

After a second round of singing, the heroine had to reveal who was hiding under the mask. In the final, Ruth Moschner (45) and Rea Garvey (48) were supported in puzzling by councilor Sasha (49), who had won the previous season as Dino. As Sasha and Garvey correctly suspected with their last tip and the audience, singer Christina Stürmer (39) hid under the mask. Moschner had expected presenter Jeannine Michaelsen (39).

Mülli Müller and caterpillar exposed

In the final duel, Mülli Müller prevailed, which is why the caterpillar had to reveal its identity first. Sandy Mölling (40) turned out to be a celebrity butterfly. The guessing team and the audience had once again correctly solved this. “I had a lot of fun. It was great, a great trip,” enthused the singer.

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“I could go on forever and I’ll keep my mask on until January,” Mülli Müller joked during the broadcast. Nevertheless, the audience should of course find out that Alexander Klaws (38) was among them. In a dinosaur costume, Sasha presented the trophy to the singer. Garvey and the audience had guessed correctly, Moschner bet on Teddy Teclebrhan (38) and Sasha on Daniel Donskoy (31). “Unbelievable”, Klaws summed up the show. “You can’t describe it at all. It’s such an incredible ride!”

Incidentally, under the mask of the exclusively online tiger was “Germany’s Next Top Model” winner Barbara Meier (35).


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