The Marvel actress who revealed new details of Venom 3


Sony Pictures announced at CinemaCon that the third film of the symbiote will be a reality. How could we see Tom Hardy’s character this time?

Venom will arrive with a third installment.
© IMDbVenom will arrive with a third installment.

The post credits scenes Venom: Let There Be Carnage Y Spider-Man: No Way Home have made something very clear: the character of sony pictures is about to take the big leap cinematic universe of Marvell to fill the symbiote with new possibilities. In this sense, after the phenomenon of the film starring Tom Holland, Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield, the studio is already thinking about a third installment with Tom Hardy.

The first part arrived in 2018 and fascinated lovers of the Spider-Man universe. The thing is eddie brock he becomes the protagonist of the story by becoming the host of the alien Venom symbiote. In this way, he forces him to fight to control extremely dangerous abilities. Thus, they need each other to get what they want. After conquering viewers, in 2021 came the sequel that doubled that same bet.

Before the premiere, Tom Hardy expressed his intentions to continue with the franchise and have at least one trilogy of this particular character. The official announcement was not long in coming: during the CinemaConSony Pictures announced that Venom 3 is in development, still no official release date. In any case, something like this could be expected by mid-2023, although -more than a day on the calendar- what is complex to predict is its plot.

It is still unknown if the post credits scenes of Venom 2 Y Spider-Man: No Way Home will mean a crossover on the screen. It is that, with the multiverse more installed than ever thanks to productions like Loki either Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madnessit is likely that the fan theories are real and the actors do not match in the MCU. But by focusing on the franchise’s own characters, there is good news for fans.

In dialogue with Variety, michelle williamsactress who gives life to Anne Weying and who has just announced the pregnancy of her third child, did not hesitate to refer to a possible participation in the symbiote film. “I have every intention of continuing to be in the saga. I really hope it happens”, he assured. Although his character is already engaged to his partner, his performance in Venom 3 it could change everything about Eddie’s emotional balance. It only remains to wait for more advances!

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