The Marseillais vs the rest of the World, The Angels, Secret Story … A look back at all the marriage proposals seen on TV

As you recently read on melty: after Paga and Giuseppa, a second engagement request should take place on the set of the Marseillais. If for now, these are just rumors, it is clearly possible that it will happen! Since the beginning of reality TV, love has been inviting itself on the set … And sometimes he’s so loud that marriage proposals are made in front of the cameras. Sometimes the ceremony even takes place on an adventure! And a little further down in this article, we give you a little recap of the most beautiful marriage requests that have been made on TV.

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Julien and Hilona – Credit (s): Instagram julienbert42

Amélie Neten and Senna

In Secret Story 4, Amélie Neten and Senna fell in love. A love so strong that the young man asked his beautiful in marriage during a bounty! A first in the House of Secrets … Obviously, the production surfed on this buzz by organizing the wedding for another bonus. And everything was present: the wedding dress, the ring, the witnesses, the family … Well in the end, this union did not work, since they separated a few months after this adventure.

Jessica Thivenin and Julien Tanti

When Julien Tanti arrived in The Marseillais in Rio, he was in a relationship with a certain Jessica … At the time, she was not known! But Jessica arrived on the set to join the family of Marseillais and find Julien Tanti. But bad surprise: he was unfaithful! So she decided to leave him … The brother therefore did everything to win back his heart and it ended with an engagement on the beach!

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Pay and Adixia

They fell in love with The Marseillais in Rio, but their story clashed with the family of Ch’tis. At the time, the cross opposed The people of Marseilles of Ch’tis. And the latter struggled to accept Adixia’s relationship with an opponent … But it all made their love stronger. And it’s in The Marseillais in Thailand that Paga asked Adixia for engagement. Again, this wedding took place during filming …. A few years later in The Marseillais Asian Tour, Adixia came back to The people of Marseilles to divorce Paga. You know the rest: in Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, she made declarations of love to him, but Paga is now in love with Giuseppa!

Thibault Garcia et Shanna Kress

If they have had a very difficult adventure in Angels 6, Thibault Garcia and Shanna Kress still signed for season 7. And the young man decided to ask for Shanna in engagement … A few days after this request, the families of Thibault Garcia and Shanna Kress arrived in Brazil for D-Day. It is THE wedding that will have marked Angels, all seasons combined.

Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault

After having made mistakes a few times, Julien Tanti decided to be serious with Manon Marsault. It was then that the couple announced the upcoming arrival of a baby in their life … So in The Marseillais Australia, Julien Tanti has decided to organize his engagement request. It is therefore on a magnificent beach that he asked for the hand of Manon who did not hesitate to accept!

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj

Carla Moreau and Kevin Guedj have experienced ups and downs in their relationship. But in recent years, they have been spinning the perfect love. Kevin therefore asked for his hand in The Marseillais in the Caribbean. And since he wanted to do it right, he asked her for an engagement in New York. A moment that Carla Moreau will never forget!

Milla Jasmine and Mujdat

Between Milla Jasmine and Mujdat, it was also a complicated story. After the shooting of Marseillais vs the rest of the world 4 and the famous scene from “There’s the guy in Milla”, the two candidates of W9 nevertheless separated … Milla Jasmine therefore participated in the Princes and Princesses of Love 3. Mujdat then jumped at the opportunity to integrate the adventure and ask for it. Thing she accepted … But the marriage never took place and today they are separated!

Julien Bert and Hilona

In The Princes and Princesses of Love 4, Julien Bert asked for Hilona’s hand. For once, the young woman was absolutely not expecting it. And she obviously accepted. But there again, the wedding will not take place … Julien Bert and Hilona have definitively separated after the filming of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6.

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