The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Paga is eliminated by Simon, Greg on the verge of betraying Mélanie Orl … Replay of episode 59

In episode 58 of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, Adixia tried to seduce Paga and an argument broke out between Maeva Ghennam and Mélanie Orl. And tonight, the last duel of the champions pitted Benjamin Samat against Simon. The candidate from the Rest of the World having won, he decides to eliminate Paga! A big blow for all Marseillais. Greg quickly bursts into tears as Paga leaves. The latter is also very touched, but he knows he will find Giuseppa. And he does not hold it against Simon who took revenge … Just before leaving, Paga gives back the role of leader to Julien Tanti.

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Simon – Credit (s): W9

After the departure of Paga, Benjamin Samat bursts into tears … The young man blames himself a lot. For him, if Paga was eliminated, it was his fault. Maddy and Greg are then there to cheer him up and above all to tell him that it was not because of him that he left … It’s the game! For her part, Nikola Lozina finds that Simon has struck a big blow. The Marseille team is destabilized and in addition, they won 4000 points for the week and 2000 points for the final ceremony!

The next day, Mélanie and Greg get ready for their declaration of love battle. While the young woman is going to open her heart to Bebew, Julien Tanti has another idea … He wants Greg to make a declaration of end of love to Maeva Ghennam. The goal is to destabilize Mélanie Orl and win this event. This is their only chance to win this week of competition and avoid elimination. Greg doesn’t quite agree with his family’s plan. But in the end, he lets himself go … Tomorrow, Mélanie will react very badly to discovering Greg’s declaration. Otherwise, Giuseppa reacted to Adixia’s attitude in the last episodes of the cross.

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