The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Nikola Lozina and Mélanie Orl ready to avenge Milla Jasmine, she reacts

In episode 59 of the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, Paga was eliminated by Simon thanks to his victory in the duel of the champions. And just before this duel, Maeva Ghennam wanted to know if she was in danger. She therefore questioned the members of the Rest of the world. Nikola Lozina and Mélanie Orl then agreed to eliminate Maeva Ghennam. They clearly want to avenge Milla Jasmine who was eliminated at the start of the adventure by the candidate of Marseillais. And Milla Jasmine reacted to this episode, as you will be able to discover with the video which is a little further down in this article.

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Milla Jasmine – Credit (s): Instagram millajasmineoff

“I stayed only 6 days in the adventure. But when I see that at each ceremony, several people and Nikola, who from start to finish kept his word to avenge me …. Well, of course, they are there. not arrive “, Milla Jasmine said on her Instagram story. And she identified Nikola Lozina, Mélanie Orl and Marine El Himer.

And as you know, the candidates of the Rest of the world did not succeed in avenging Milla Jasmine … Maeva Ghennam will stay until the end of the adventure! But at least Milla could see that her family was keeping their word. And she was very touched by this gesture … Speaking of Milla Jasmine, know that she denied the rumor saying that she was going to participate in the next season of the Marseillais to settle accounts with Maeva Ghennam.

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