The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Mélanie Orl in tears, Marine El Himer and Greg clash … Replay of episode 60

In episode 59 of Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6, Greg was about to betray Mélanie Orl … And as the members of his family assured him that they would do everything to defend him, Greg accepts their plan . For this battle, Bebew therefore makes a declaration of love to Maeva Ghennam. Obviously, it’s for fake … Mélanie Orl then falls from above and she ends up leaving the battle in tears! She is shocked that Greg can put 4000 points before the sadness he is going to cause her. And Mélanie Orl gives up the battle … The plan of the Marseillais therefore worked perfectly!

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Greg – Credit (s): W9

After the battle, Greg therefore tries to explain himself to Mélanie Orl, but the latter does not want to speak to him. She is very pissed off and doesn’t care if it is The people of Marseilles who made this decision. Even when Benjamin Samat explains to her that it is he who wrote the letter, she does not calm down. And Marine El Himer stands up for Mélanie. What annoys Greg, since for him, she does not have to meddle with her relationship. An argument then breaks out between them!

Later, Thibault Garcia and Maeva Ghennam go into battle against Simon and Adixia. Candidates must make pizzas. And the Marseillais have an advantage, it is that their two brothers run a pizzeria. So far, they are doing quite well! The other candidates are preparing to go out to sea. Greg then hopes to be able to reconcile with Mélanie Orl. Tomorrow in the next episode, an argument will break out between Marine and Océane El Himer. But first, know that on the side of the filming of Marseillais, Maeva Ghennam would be preparing to settle accounts with Benjamin Samat.

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