The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Julien Tanti and Manon Marsault clash, Adixia and Simon take stock of their relationship … Replay of episode 64

After the elimination of Marine El Himer, an evening is organized at the villa. Manon Marsault and Laura Lempika then arrive to enjoy with their comrades. And they learn that they will have a battle on the theme of love with Julien Tanti and Nikola Lozina the next day. And when Manon Marsault says that with Julien, there is a lot of love, but that for her part, it goes down a little, he gets offended. The young woman apologizes and explains that she was laughing. The problem is that Julien Tanti has been criticizing Manon Marsault for a while for not giving her as much love as their children.

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Simon and Adixia – Credit (s):

During the evening, Simon and Adixia take stock of their relationship with Thibault Garcia. They like each other a lot, but do not want to get into a relationship … Finally, especially Adixia who does not want to relaunch in a love story. For Thibault, Simon would like to have a little more with Adixia …

The next day, Manon Marsault and Laura Lempika return to the villa for the battle. And Julien Tanti is very angry after his wife … He criticizes her for not having slept with him the day before and for coming home to sleep with their children. Manon Marsault loses his temper and a big argument breaks out. They even refuse to participate in the battle. Maeva Ghennam then tries to fix things, but in vain … Tomorrow, the competition will continue. But before, Nikola Lozina shared a photo of Laura Lempika when she was pregnant and he laughed at her.

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