The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Jonathan disappointed by the editing of the episodes, he reacts

Jonathan recently arrived in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6. And when he landed in the adventure, Océane El Himer flashed on him … But if the physical attraction between them was there, the rest did not follow. not too. Océane El Himer thought Jonathan was too smart for her. So when Marine El Himer arrives in her turn in the adventure, Océane knows that Jonathan will please her. And she was right! Except that here again, the physique follows, but not the rest … Marine even criticized Jonathan for being too sure of himself and too pretentious. An episode that made the young man react!

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Jonathan’s story 1/2 – Credit (s): Instagram jonathan_germain
La story de Jonathan 2/2
Jonathan’s story 2/2 – Credit (s): Instagram jonathan_germain

“Even though for us it’s obvious, there are a lot of things that people ignore in reality TV. And that’s perfectly normal. Keep in mind that there is a time context in the shows. (…) A lot of things are cut, others edited piece by piece (…) A 20-minute sequence therefore turns into 20 seconds. a conversation in sequence is different from the timing of a normal conversation, in real life “Jonathan said.

The handsome brunette then returns to his conversation with Marine. And he explains: “For example, I talked for a long time about everything and nothing with Marine that night. And it looked like I was announcing the entrance color by shouting loud and clear that I know who I am and that I know my worth. . While all that has been said, but long afterwards, when there was a reason to say it. It’s simple, everything is a question of context “. Jonathan therefore seems disappointed with the editing of the episodes … Otherwise, Maddy has responded to those who find her useless in The Marseillais vs the Rest of the World 6.

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