The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6: Adixia tries to seduce Paga, Maeva Ghennam argues with Mélanie Orl … Replay of episode 58

After having made a new declaration of love to Paga, Adixia reveals to Nikola Lozina that he haunts his nights … The young man and Julien Tanti then jump at the opportunity to make a few fuss. And they offer Adixia to put on a pair of heels, as is Paga’s kiffe. The young woman hesitates, but she ends up doing it … But Paga does not react. And above all, he is disappointed with Adixia. The latter apologizes and explains to him that she just wanted to have fun for 5 minutes. In the end, the discussion ends and an argument breaks out. And while Paga tells him that between them, it’s over, Adixia gives him an appointment in 4 months … For her, her story with Giuseppa could well end!

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Adixia – Credit (s): Instagram @adixia

Later, Catalia announces that a new duel of the champions will take place. The two teams then imagine that there could be sudden death … Maeva Ghennam feels in danger, so go and question the members of the Rest of the world. Nikola Lozina intends to vote against her, always to avenge Milla Jasmine. Mélanie Orl also intends to do the same. What Maeva Ghennam does not understand … Why does she want to avenge Milla Jasmine, when they are not especially friends? A clash breaks out between the two young women and Greg decides to get involved to defend Mélanie Orl.

It is then time for the two families to find Catalia. And there will be 3 duels. The first two can earn points. The last will be sudden death. The principle is rather simple: using their hands, the candidates must remove all the balls from a bin. The first duel is won by Marine against Maddy. And the second is won by Nikola against Thibault. The last duel pits Benjamin against Simon. And it is Jonathan and Paga who are in danger! Tomorrow, a candidate will be eliminated. But first, know that Maddy has responded to Internet users who find it useless in The Marseillais vs the rest of the World 6.

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