The Marseillais: Victoria single again and about to join the adventure? Info is falling

We had doubts about the current relationship of Victoria and Bastos and unfortunately, the break has just been confirmed. On his Youtube channel, the young man said: “It’s been days that I hope, that I don’t sleep, that I turn everything in my mind and it makes me do bullshit. I don’t understand why she doesn’t speak. But here it is. I’ll talk more. It’s over with Victoria. We had good times and bad times, a lot of bad times. There were a lot of really hard times especially when I wasn’t with her, when I was away . There has never been infidelity “.

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Vivi at the casting? – Credit (s): Instagram shayaratv

For her part, Victoria has not yet spoken on social networks. On her Instagram story, she simply said: “Sorry, but I can’t express myself on the situation at the moment. I had promised not to squawk in front of my phone and there, if I speak, it’s screwed up. So I wait a bit.” .

And according to Instagram account @shayaratv, the production of Marseillais might well call Victoria to join the adventure that takes place in Mexico. Now that she is single, her profile should again interest the production … It remains to be seen if it will be done and if Victoria will accept. Case to follow! Otherwise, Maeva Ghennam clashed with a new person on the set of Marseillais.

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