The Marseillais: Manon Marsault about to join the shoot? She drops a big clue

As you recently could read on melty: Maddy flew to Mexico to integrate the filming of Marseillais. And if we know that Jessica Thivenin and Thibault Garcia will not participate in this adventure, since they announced it on social networks, this is not the case with Manon Marsault … Also in Dubai, the young woman could soon pack her bags to join Julien Tanti. In any case, that’s what she just implied on her Snapchat account. A publication that we invite you to discover by going a little further down in this article.

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Manon Marsault’s Snap – Credit (s): Snapchat manonmarsault

“He’s ko my dear. So, Global Village tomorrow or the day after tomorrow night. I promised him that we would enjoy an evening together before I left ❤️❤️”, wrote Manon Marsault on the social network with the yellow and white logo. And inevitably speaking of departure, we suppose that she speaks of the shooting of Marseillais !

You will understand: if Manon Marsault goes to Mexico, it will be without her children. It therefore assumes that she will make the adventure as a candidate and not as a guest. Since she became a mother, Manon has been coming to the villa in a gust of wind … But she has never done an entire shoot. In a completely different register, know that Maeva Ghennam gave live news of the shooting of the Marseillais.

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