The Marseillais: Maeva Ghennam on the verge of settling accounts with Benjamin Samat, information revealed

Maeva Ghennam and Océane El Himer friends? This photo says it all. And we have just learned that the pretty brunette is still in the cold with Benjamin Samat … We remind you that during Marseille vs the rest of the world 6, Flo accused Maeva Ghennam of losing her team during a collective test. Something she has always denied. And when she discovered the episode, she was able to realize that it was Flo the culprit! So she got angry with him via Snapchat and she even insulted the young man … This annoyed Benjamin Samat who then unfollow Maeva Ghennam from his social networks.

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The problems ! – Credit (s): Instagram @ histoire2tv

“I watched the episode where the whole family of Marseillais accuses me of having fallen, while it is Flo who fell and who started this rumor. When I saw the episodes, normal, I m ‘messed with him because I had the seum. And there, Benji who follows me. I do not understand. He’s my friend Benji, so I send him a normal message. He leaves me a seen. I have the right to confuse me with your colleague. Your colleague is your friend. But I too am your friend. So when we are friends, we have a discussion “, said Maeva Ghennam.

And according to the information of the Instagram account @ histoire2tv, Maeva Ghennam reportedly intends to settle accounts with Benjamin Samat during the filming of Marseillais ! We suppose then that it has to do with this story … Or, there was something else between them that nobody is aware of! It is therefore a case to follow … Moreover, know that Milla Jasmine has revealed if she was going to shoot the Marseillais.

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