The Marseillais: Maddy about to join the shoot? This clue says it all

The filming of the Marseillais started a few days ago and a big info about the new ones has fallen! And during this adventure there will be a few arrivals along the way … Surely Maddy should be the first to join the W9 contestants. We remind you that the pretty blonde is now 100% Marseille. And yesterday, she carried out a PCR test … Passage obligatory to take the plane. So obviously, we imagine that if she did, it is because she intends to travel soon! And we say to ourselves that it is surely to join Benjamin Samat in filming!

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Maddy’s snap – Credit (s): Snapchat Maddyburciaga

And after performing her PCR test, Maddy revealed that she will be leaving shortly. She then explains that it is the father of Benjamin Samat, who is in Dubai, who will take care of their dog while waiting. There again, she implies that she is about to fly to Mexico!

When Maddy arrives in the adventure, she may be surprised … Already, because Maeva Ghennam would have clashed the couple she forms with Benjamin Samat. And also, because he said to himself that the handsome brunette should ask for her in engagement! Before knowing more about the filming of Marseillais, know that Maeva Ghennam would do anything to get back together with Greg.

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