The Marseillais: Jessica Thivenin absent from the shooting, she makes an update on her decision

A few days ago, Jessica Thivenin revealed that she and Thibault Garcia were not going to participate in the Marseillais, because their daughter has just turned 3 months. And in the process, she revealed if she’s going to stop the W9 show for good. She declares: “We will surely go back there during the next shoot, well we’ll see how it goes. Me, it’s something that I like a lot, it’s part of my life, I grew up with reality TV, it’s been I’ve been doing it for 7 years. Thibault it’s been 10 years. It’s an environment in which we are happy. The production is kind to us, I have shared a lot of things with you. “

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Jessica Thivenin — Crédit(s) : Instagram @jessicathivenin

And on her Snapchat account, she has just made a new update. As you can see from the video earlier in this article, Jessica Thivenin explains that she made this decision, as she did after giving birth to Maylone. At the time of filming Marseillais in Dubai, the little boy was barely 3 months old …. Just like his sister now!

For the pretty blonde, it is out of the question to leave her daughter who is still very small. And Jessica Thivenin also recalls that Leewane was born premature … She therefore wants to stay with her. In a completely different register, know that on the set of the Marseillais, Maeva Ghennam would have had a clash with a person other than Benjamin Samat.

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