The Marseillais: Greg on the set in Mexico, he balances on the atmosphere in the villa and on his adventure

On the set of the Marseillais, Julien Tanti gave some crisp information on the adventure. This time, it’s Greg’s turn to swing a bit on the set. Between two product placements, the young man said: “The bebews, I hope you are doing well. Me, it’s going to be the best of the best. I’m not even explaining to you the atmosphere that there are the bebews. In any case, know it, you have me missed the bebews a lot. I love you very much with love and I miss you all. Know one thing, for me, the bebews are going very well “. A snap that you can discover earlier in this article.

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Greg – Credit (s): W9

If Greg can not say more so as not to spoil the adventure of W9 too much, we understand that things are going well for him. We remind you that according to the rumors that circulated on social networks, Greg would have approached Océane El Himer … As for Maeva Ghennam, she would like to get back into a relationship with him, but he would refuse!

You will have understood it dear meltynauts: this adventure will be, once again, very eventful and full of surprises! But to discover all this on our screens, we will have to be patient … The show will not arrive on W9 before the beginning of the year 2022! Before knowing more, know that Maddy has arrived in Mexico and she is about to join the filming of the Marseillais.

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