The Marseillais: Greg and Océane El Himer as a couple? Big info unveiled

A few days ago, we revealed to you that Maeva Ghennam would do everything possible to get back into a relationship with Greg on the set of the Marseillais. But Bebew, he just wants to be friends with her … And against all odds, the Instagram account @shayaratv has just revealed that Greg is said to be getting closer to another candidate. So, this is not a new candidate, since the new ones arrive on the set only tomorrow. As you will have understood, we are talking to you about Océane El Himer! A little further down in this article, we let you discover the information on this story.

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For a surprise! – Credit (s): Instagram @shayaratv

“I have been told that there is a connection between Greg and Océane! Yes, I am as shocked as you are, but take it with a grain of salt, because it seems so big to me that I have a hard time reading it. ‘do it “, wrote @shayaratv on the social network. And for once, if this rapprochement is very real, we clearly had not seen it coming!

You can imagine that if Greg and Océane get into a relationship, there is a risk of making a fuss in the villa. Paga is Océane’s ex and Greg is his best friend … So how will he react? And what will be the reaction of Maeva Ghennam who had become friends with Océane El Himer? All this, we will know at the time of the broadcast … So in the meantime, know that Maeva Ghennam and Benjamin Samat quarreled.

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