The Marseillais: A second engagement request planned? We know more

Milla Jasmine in the casting of Marseillais as a guest to settle accounts with Maeva Ghennam and discover Greg’s secret? We have the info. And we recently learned that Giuseppa could also integrate the filming along the way … It is even said that Paga could ask her in engagement during the adventure and that she would leave the Rest of the World to join the family of Marseillais ! Instagram account @shayaratv just revealed thatthere might be a second engagement request while filming the Marseillais. We tell you more about it below.

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Will she say yes? – Credit (s): Instagram shayaratv

As you could see on this publication, Maddy should join Benjamin Samat on the set of Marseillais. And the young man would have planned to ask for her in engagement! We also learn that Maddy would already be aware of this request … And we imagine that she will say “Yes” with pleasure !

We remind you that marriage is part of Benjamin Samat and Maddy’s life plans. The pretty blonde recently revealed that she wanted to marry Benjamin Samat before having children with him … Well at the same time, in Dubai, you have to be married before you get pregnant. Before having other information on this engagement request, know that Paga has unveiled the filming location of the Marseillais and the starting line for the boys.

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