The Maneskins present “Supermodel” at Eurovision, Damiano: “Putin tyrant. I paraculo remain neutral for fear of losing the public “

There are also i Maneskin in Turin for the final ofEurovision 2022. Coming back from last year’s victory, the band will play live for the first time the new single “Supermodel”, released yesterday. But there are drawbacks: Damiano David, the frontman, in fact, moves with a crutch. “I sprained my ankle in London while shooting the video clip,” he tells Corriere della Sera.

On stage there will be no references to Putin and the war in Ukraine, as happened at Coachella when the singer shouted “fuck Putin”, the band reveals to the newspaper. The reason? “The Ukrainian band is more authoritative than us, it seems respectful to leave room for them who have a direct experience of the war”. Damiano David’s opinion, however, remains unchanged: “I was disconcerted that there was such a strong reaction: it is a topic on which there is no gray. It is an unjustified and unjustifiable war. Putin is a modern dictator, a tyrant“. According to the frontman, the artists have “great power” and it is right that they make themselves “felt”. “We have to make our voices heard above all to a young audience that has to get an idea. We must take a stand and not remain neutral for fear of losing the public: I find it paraculo“, He still tells the newspaper in via Solferino.

The new song is produced by Max Martin and the story tells the excesses of the world of stars. “In these months in Los Angeles we have also seen crazy things. The song shows with a critical eye a lifestyle that is more present there. But then there were also positive sides… ”, explains Victoria de Angelis.

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