The Mandalorian: the most important character of season 3


The third season arrived on Disney+ this year and has already aired three of the eight episodes that we will see in it.

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Went back The Mandalorian and the joy is absolute. It’s been three weeks now Star Wars and Peter Pascal in Disney+with this third installment of the acclaimed show created by Jon Favreau with which he revived one of the most important franchises in film history. In these broadcasts we saw a character that gained in importance.

We are talking about Bo Katan Kryze (Katee Sackhoff)which had already appeared in the second installment of the series of Disney+ but now it has more relevance. She is one of the most important Mandalorians in the galaxy, having had the Dark Saber in her possession. In fact, she was seen that way in “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.

The debut of this important character in Star Wars was produced in 2012. The sister of the Duchess Satine has been gaining relevance in the different adventures of Star Warsuntil reaching The Mandalorian. She is a born leader and this can be very useful in the mission she has din djarinwho wants to be accepted among his cult again.

It is worth remembering that she was the one who helped din djarin to get to the jedi to be able to deliver to Grogu. It happens that in the midst of all the misadventures, she lost some power among his peers because he was din djarin the one who recovered the Moff Gideon’s Dark Saber and won the throne mandalore. In the third season we saw her meet the character of Peter Pascal and it will be key in his redemption mission.

+What the actress said about Bo-Katan

In an interview published by Disney+, sackhof assured: “It’s a very different version of how fans have come to know her, especially fans of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ and ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and after season 2. We want Bo be fun, engaging and exciting. She’s living this hero’s journey, and we want all of that to continue, but at the same time there’s this emotional arc and the journey that this season is on. It’s very raw and heartbreaking, but also inspiring.”.

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