The man who has been vaccinated 11 times against COVID-19 and is now wanted by the police

Can you imagine it? Which were? In just 30 minutes, Brahamdev Mandal received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Thus began a series of punctures that had him receiving a total of 11 immunizations in approximately 10 months until the Indian authorities realized and arrested him.

This is an 84-year-old man from the town of Bihar, who will now be brought before the Indian courts by having used the identification of different people and lying to health officials, according to a complaint filed by Primary Health Care (PHC) in Puraini.

“We have already found evidence that he received eight punctures in four different places,” he told the Amarendra Pratap Shahi, Madhepura surgeon. Although the research for determine the crimes in which he has incurred the man who received 11 punctures in 11 months has just started.

But his uncontrollable need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 did not stop there, but Mandal already had everything prepared to present himself on January 4 and receive vaccine number 12, when finally the Indian health authorities caught him and prevented one more puncture of the octogenarian.

A woman receives a dose of the coronavirus vaccine at a free vaccination center in Bangalore, India. (EFE / JAGADEESH NV).

The reason for the 11 vaccines

Mandal said that I wanted to feel stronger and claimed that the vaccines eliminated the joint pain he had been suffering from for 8 years. “The discomfort and pain in my body disappeared. He used to have knee pain and walked with a cane. Now I’m not doing it, “he said.

He also claimed to have traveled to different vaccination centers in Madhepura and even at least two neighboring districts, one more than 100 kilometers away, to receive vaccines against COVID-19. In these cases, used different identity documents to register on these sites.

Mandal has gone into hiding while trying to avoid charges of misleading the health department. Indian police are conducting raids to arrest the man. Last Sunday, the authority appeared at his home in Bihar and since then his phone has been turned off, he reported. .

What can happen to you after so many doses?

“Usually after the first and second doses you will get the common adverse reactions: fever, headache, fatigue and body aches. Then multiple doses of these vaccines should be fairly harmless, as the antibodies have already formed and vaccines are made up of harmless components, “said Dr. Lahariya.

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