The Man of the Year and Angel competitions among health professionals have baptized calendars. Who toasted?

David Novotný, the director of the Man of the Year and Angel among healthcare professionals competitions, was able to rest for this year. “It’s always such a nice feeling when I conclude successful years. Medical professionals have fond memories of the competition, and the delegated Men of the Year have gone on to world competitions and are bringing their first successes. But I won’t rest much, because I’m already preparing for the year 2023. And most importantly, those interested in participating in the competition can already apply on the website of the competition Man of the Year and Angel among medical professionals. We look forward to seeing them!”

Violinist Jaroslav Svěcený, presenter Zuzana Bubílková, producer Monika Trávníčková, singer Milan Peroutka, presenters Lenka Špillarová and Jaroslav Brousil, actresses Denisa Pfauserová, Michaela Pecháčková and Veronika Jeníková, Men of the Year Vojta Urban named the calendars Man of the Year and Angel among medical professionals and their photos in them. , Dominik Chabr and Filip Šanda.

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