‘The Man in the Dark 3’ is already in development

According to the insider Daniel Richtman, the third film in the franchise ‘the man in darkness‘ is already in development.

The second film showed the Blind Man as the protagonist of the story, turning him into an anti-hero (unlike the first film, where he is a villain).

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The third film is in the early stages, possibly waiting for the second film’s result at the box office to get the green light to get out of the role.

Despite having been hampered by the rise of the new variant of COVID, the sequel managed to raise $35.9 million worldwide, from a budget of $15 million.

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The sequel takes place years after the initial and deadly invasion of your home; when Norman Nordstrom (Stephen Lang) lives in a haven of tranquility until the sins of his past take their toll.

Box office success, ‘the man in darkness‘, released in 2016, cost only US$9.9 million, and raised $157 million worldwide.

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