The Man from Toronto on Netflix: what is this action comedy with Woody Harrelson and Kevin Hart?

We tell you everything about “The Man from Toronto”, a feature film with an incredible story, carried by a prestigious cast. The film is available on Netflix

The Man from Toronto : What is it about ?

The plot of The Man from Toronto revolves around a meeting that risk of sparks. Thus, at the end of a misunderstanding on the background of Airbnb, an entrepreneur as sympathetic as he is clumsy is forced to collaborate with a hitman. The latter responds to the mysterious nickname of “the man from Toronto”. But then, what future for this very mismatched pair ? The two characters will have to put their differences and differences aside! In fact, they must escape the assassins in pursuit of the world’s most famous murderer.

The Man from Toronto © netflix

Given his pitch, The Man from Toronto belongs to the singular – and often tricky – genre of action comedy, like the recent far from the ring road or even of How to kill his boss?. At the direction of the feature film, the Australian Patrick Hugues (Hitman & Bodyguard 2), while Robbie Fox (Love Coach) and Chris Bremner (Bad Boys For Life) sign the screenplay of the work.

A promising duo

The comedian and actor Kevin Hart lends his features to the entrepreneur who sees his life switch in The Man from Toronto. Very famous in America, the artist has already collaborated with Netflix on many projects. If the platform with the red logo has integrated many of its shows into its catalog, Hart has also recently turned into fiction The reality in front. In this series, he plays a comedian at the height of his glory. Only, the latter will have to extricate himself from an “incident” that could not be more unfortunate.

Facing him, we find a great actor in the person of Woody Harrelson. Of Born Killers at The Edge of Seventeen Passing by True Detective and Elusivethe talented actor is a real chameleon. Just as capable of chilling your blood as of moving you – we remember its score in 3 Billboards: The Revenge Billboards -, we can’t wait to discover him in the shoes of the formidable assassin.

The Man from Toronto : with whom ?

For the little story, Woody Harrelson wasn’t the first choice studios. It was the British Jason Statham who was initially to lend his features to the man from Toronto. Only, the actor ends up leaving the project shortly before the start of filming. In question, deep disagreements in terms of the tone of the film and its classification. Shortly after, Harrelson signs to replace his comrade!

Alongside the two actors, we will have the pleasure of seeing Kaley Cuoco (The Flight Attendant), unforgettable Penny in The Big Bang Theory. This isn’t the first time the actress has worked with Kevin Hart. Indeed, both were on the poster of Witness for hire, released in 2015 in dark rooms. Ellen Barkin (Ocean’s 13), Lela Loren (Altered Carbon), Jasmine Mathews (The Rookie, the Los Angeles cop), Kate Drummond (Model student, deadly lies), Pierson Fodé (The Outcasts) or even Rob Archer (Ant-Man and the Wasp) will also be there!

Where and when to watch the feature film?

You can enjoy The Man from Toronto from June 24on Netflix!

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