The makeup tutorial behind Better Call Saul and Breaking Bad


The series created by Vince Gilligan have a common point that was discovered by a Twitter user: in both there are tips on personal image that you may not have noticed.

Better Call Saul began two years after the end of Breaking Bad.
© IMDbBetter Call Saul began two years after the end of Breaking Bad.

This Tuesday a new episode of Better Call Saul in Netflix. The series created by Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould as a spin-off of breaking bad It is in its final stretch and will say goodbye to fans after seven years and six seasons of broadcasts. As is often the case with these stories, the magic of these productions lies in the details and easter eggsand this is something that several viewers began to notice.

In the episode of Better Call Saul titled “black and blue” (black and blue), we could see how the plan Saul and kim began to show the threads. Howard no longer unaware that his former office colleagues are up to something, so he angrily decides to summon Saul in a boxing ring. There, after exchanging a few words, when it seemed that the character of Bob Odenkirk would walk away, they got into the ring and traded a few blows in a short, hectic boxing match.

It was Saul the one that ended up on the ground, after an uppercut delivered by Howard, which left him dazed and with a black eye. Arriving at his house and knowing that the next day he was due in court, he began to try on some makeup to cover the bruise on his face. This detail did not go unnoticed. @PickyourBrianwhich in your account Twitter recalled that the protagonists of breaking bad, Jesse and Walter They went through similar situations.

“No one does makeup tutorials like breaking bad Y Better Call Saul, the user wrote. His post was accompanied by photos of Jesse putting on makeup after the beating he received from Hank. Walterfor his part, did the same as a result of provoking Mike in a bar and start taking some hits. Some time later, he can be seen putting on makeup to cover up the aftermath of the encounter.

+The future of Kim Wexler

One of the big doubts about Better Call Saul going to know what will happen to kim wexlerthe character played by Rhea Seehorn. As you know, it does not appear in breaking bad and fans are somewhat pessimistic about his future. While the actress has avoided giving any kind of clue about what will happen to kim, everything indicates that her fate is cast and that she will be one of those who does not come out alive at the end of the sixth season of the show. The rest of the options? We tell you about them in this note.

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