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That’s it, the big day has arrived, you can now grab the Mag Futura in your kiosks and bookstores. New: also discover the subscription formulas on our Online Store !

2023 is off to a flying start with the release on newsstands of our new paper magazine on the theme: can nuclear power (really) be green? To find out if the Mag Futura is available in your favorite kiosks, visit this page ! Simply enter your postal code to discover all the points of sale near you that display the Mag Futura.

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Did you know ?

Great novelty this year, you can now subscribe to Mag Futura for the year. Discover our subscription plans here :

  • 1-year subscription (4 issues of 148 pages) from €4.00/month
  • 2-year subscription (8 issues of 148 pages) from €3.70/month

What is Mag Futura?

Le Mag Futura is a quarterly paper magazine available on newsstands throughout France. His promise? Give you the keys to understanding to decipher the major challenges of today and tomorrow, in a richly illustrated magazine, accessible, committed to science and the Planet.

Contents of this new issue:

  • 1 major file on a key challenge of our time deciphered by science: Can nuclear power (really) be green?
  • 1 dossier on an ecological issue: Antarctica, a keystone of the world in danger
  • Critical thinking: additional subjects to allow you to be amazed by science, with the program in particular the cosmic epiphany, the animal of the quarter and an exclusive report.
  • Scientific contemplation: a set of independent subjects to question more about what the scientific approach is, about the purpose of science, technology and utopias to make them better.

I subscribe to Mag Futura from only €4/month!

We hope you enjoy browsing these 148 pages of science, discovery, photos and reflections on the great challenges of our time. To imagine our next issues, continue to perfect the magazine and create new subjects and formats, we invite you to respond to a satisfaction survey. It takes 3 minutes top time to answer them in order to always be up to your expectations for the next issue!

Do not hesitate to send us your photos of Mag Futura! It is always a great pleasure to share these moments of reading with you in the four corners of France and beyond! You can send us your photos at the following email address: [email protected]

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Futura wants to see far with its quarterly magazine. Faithful to our fundamentals: to praise science, to teach its method, to decipher what it tells about the world, we also want to offer our readers a time to breathe out of the effervescence of everyday life, to resume the basics and shed light on the challenges of the future. Because the future is being played out today: to avoid the announced ecological cataclysm, to question our technological future and to dig into the mysteries of the Universe, we must now keep our eyes fixed on the horizon.

Here are 5 reasons to discover the Mag’ Futura :

Understand the world to better preserve it

Our belief with the Mag’ Futura, is that we can make science accessible to everyone, and that everyone can be passionate about science. What’s more exciting than understanding the mechanisms of the infinitely small and the infinitely large? From the functioning of the billions of neurons in our brains to the billions of stars above our heads? We want to talk to you about universal subjects, in a popular language, general public, but demanding: because we know that by transmitting to you our excitement for scientific discoveries, you too will have the ambition to dig into these subjects in depth!

Understanding the world, the complex and fragile beauties of its layouts, makes you want to preserve it. From this point of view, we live in a critical time: that of the overstepping of planetary limits, the collapse of biodiversity and the disruption of the climate. Our mission of popularizing science therefore invests us with the responsibility of alerting to these vital emergencies. Bringing wonder and preserving the living world will therefore be part of our leitmotifs. We will convey these values ​​by highlighting, at the opening of each issue, an introductory dossier exploring a place, a phenomenon or a crucial issue for the future of the terrestrial biosphere.

I discover in detail the summary of the file on Nuclear

embody science

To carry these promises of wonder around science and popularization, science must be told at the height of the scientists who do it. To make these human adventures concrete, we will offer you in each issue embodied reports, portraits of women and men of science, we will offer forums to researchers so that they can tell us about their profession and their dreams. We will take you to the heart of the labs, where the new knowledge and technologies of tomorrow are born, and will dive under the hood of the most fascinating instruments to understand the science in the making.

science for all

Faithful to the DNA of Futura, which makes it a point of honor to make scientific news accessible to all with the constant concern for rigor and in complete independence, the Mag’ Futura was of course lovingly simmered by our journalists who have a passion for popularization. In our time troubled by fake news makers and pseudo-experts, it seemed important to us more than ever to brandish our attachment to the light that science projects on the Universe, our unfailing independence, and the need to popularize so that everyone can nourish their critical spirit. This is what we want through the subjects that populate these 200 pages. And scientific rigor does not mean austerity in the processing of information. On the contrary, we want to make science attractive, provide keys to understanding and deciphering our world in profound change.

I discover in detail the summary of the file on Antarctica

Gain perspective and dissect long-term issues

While our site deciphers the profusion of scientific news, the magazine aims to take a step back, to question the long term. Take time is the key word of this book which wants to invite everyone to sit down and meditate… to meditate in the direction of deep reflection, far from ambient noise and saturated with hectic daily news.

A magazine with a unique aesthetic

Deciphering science also means paying particular attention to the aesthetics of the magazine to convey this taste for wonder. This offbeat look is reflected in the particular attention paid to the aesthetics of the magazine, a desire to make it a beautiful object and to distinguish itself from the classic graphic codes of representation of science. This new formula will offer a multitude of shorter formats, chronicles, reports, beautiful photos, comics, for the pleasure of snacking on Mag’ in small increments over the months.

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