The Mag’ Futura is back with lots of new features!

Almost a year ago, the Mag Futura was born thanks to you. Faced with the enthusiasm for this first edition, Futura sees further and offers you a brand new appointment…

In 2021, on the occasion of its 20th anniversary, Futura launched its paper magazine, with a crowdfunding campaign to better disseminate science. Many of you supported its launch and the first issue sold nearly 10,000 copies.

We would like to thank you again warmly for your confidence and your support without which the Mag Futura could not have seen the light of day. Moreover, many of you had asked us if there would be a second issue… Today, we are therefore very happy to announce the return of the Mag Futura available for pre-order on Ulule!

I discover the Mag Futura n°2

The Mag Futura, new formula

For this new edition, we wanted to make some changes. On the form, the major novelty gategate on the quarterly publication since you will now be able to subscribe and receive the Mag Futura home every three months. But we also wanted to make this review:

  • Again more committed to the environment in its themes and the subjects dealt with;
  • Again more inspiring by meeting women and men who are agents of change, whose innovations and initiatives are positive;
  • still accessible by giving you the keys to understanding the major challenges of today and tomorrow.

Each issue will feature a central folder on an unprecedented scale, almost a special issue on its own, allowing to dissect a sensitive scientific question in large widths. This formula will also offer new starters, including a immersive dossier on an environmental issue and a host of shorter formats, chronicles, reports, beautiful photos, comics, for the pleasure of nibbling the Mag in small touches over the months.

Basically, we will remain faithful to our fundamentals: to praise science, to teach its method, to decipher what it tells about the world, we want to offer our readers a time to breathe out of the effervescence day-to-day, to go back to the basics and shed light on the challenges of the future.

Our conviction is that we can make science accessible to everyone, and that everyone can be passionate about science. What is more exhilarating than understanding the mechanisms of the infinitely small and the infinitely large?

All in all, a paper format that wants to be different and also complementary to the site you know. A format that lends itself beautifully to our vision of this opus which wants to combine wonder and passion for science with reflection and scientific popularization.

I support the Mag Futura project

An extraordinary adventure that needs you

Faced with the increase in the cost of paper (nearly 30% in one year) and to live up to a quarterly format, we have chosen to offer a more concentrated magazine in 148 pages and a sale price of 15 euros so that it remains accessible to as many people as possible. We have also renewed our confidence in our printer (Aubin Imprimeur) located in Ligugé, in New Aquitaine. The paper comes from sustainably managed European forests with eco-responsible Blue Angel certified inks and is shaped with eco-compatible glues based onrubber treerubber tree.

More than ever, your support is essential to ensure the sustainability of the Mag Futura. Science lovers, you can already help us by ordering this new issue or by subscribing for the year.

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Don’t hesitate to talk about this magazine with those around you: friends, colleagues, family, social networkssocial networks… Word of mouth remains the only communication that does not age and proves to be extremely effective.

The first step has been taken

A big THANK YOU to our first supporters for the Mag Futura #2. We have already reached our first goal: 500 presales. Thanks to you, we will be able to officially launch the prints! We hope to reach 1,000 copies sold in order to be able to enrich the Mag with great illustrations and make it a beautiful object that will stand out from the codescodes classic science representation graphics. So don’t hesitate to share the Ulule page !

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