The luxurious mansion of Livia Brito in Mexico

With his participation in “the heartless”, the Cuban Livia Brito consolidated her career as the protagonist of telenovelas and is currently one of the main actresses in Mexicoa country that opened its doors to him and that is giving him the fame, recognition and fortune that he has always dreamed of since before taking his first steps in acting.

That growth that she has had in recent years has caused the 36-year-old artist to increase her income and give herself the luxuries she deserves, such as a comfortable place to rest and spend most of the day.

That is why, on this occasion, we are going to talk a little about the mansion in which he lives Britowhich would be located in one of the most exclusive areas of the Mexican capital.

Livia Brito is the protagonist of “Nobody’s Woman” (Photo: TelevisaUnivision)


According to information from various media outlets, the protagonist of “Nobody’s Woman” lives in a luxurious mansion located in El Pedregal, in the Mexico Cityan area in which there are very luxurious houses.

Regarding the property, no journalistic note has been made from within, but to know details of it, it is enough to see the actress’s social network publications.

And it is that Livia Brito is used to uploading content to digital platforms that have been taken from the comfort of her home. This is how you can find out a little information about that intimate and private place.

You can talk about the beautiful garden that you have inside your property, which would be used for recreation, considering that it has a barbecue and a small kitchen.

It is presumed that this area of ​​the house can be used for gatherings of friends or relatives who are going to eat, for example, on a Sunday afternoon.

Regarding the interior of the home, it is important to highlight that all the rooms are spacious, such as the living room, in which the color of the furniture has been combined with the paint on the walls and the floor.


Name: Livia Brito Pestana

Date of Birth: July 21, 1986

Age: 36 years

Place of birth: Havana Cuba

Nationality: cuban

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