The love story of Raúl Araiza and Margarita Vega

In mid-2021, the romance between Raúl ‘El Negro’ Araiza and the actress Margarita Vega was one of the strong rumors that sounded in the Mexican media; some time later, they confirmed that they had an affair. Today they are one of the most beloved couples in the local environment.

MORE INFORMATION: Margarita Vega, Raúl Araiza’s new girlfriend

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Margarita vega is a 35-year-old Colombian actress and model, 20 years younger than Raul Araiza. Among his most recognized works are his participation in fictions such as “Without breasts there is no paradise” on Telemundo, “My heart is yours”, “Rich children, Poor parents”; among others. Your partner, meanwhile, needs no introduction. Araiza is a renowned actor who today, in addition to his works in fiction, hosts the Televisa program “Hoy”.

The romance between the couple of actors has attracted the attention of many people, especially due to the difference in age, which has not been a problem for Araiza and Vega to build a strong and beautiful relationship. But how did they meet? Here are some details of this love story.

Margarita Vega is a 35-year-old Colombian actress and model, 20 years younger than Raúl Araiza (Photo: Instagram)


They met on “Today”

According to information from the Mexican media, the first time the model and actress met Raúl Araiza crossed paths was approximately five years ago, when Vega was a guest on the program “Hoy”.

It was in July 2021 that the actor confirmed his romance with the Colombian, only three months after he made official the end of the sentimental relationship he had with the psychologist María Amelia Aguilar.

The first date

A few months ago, the Colombian actress confessed that, after crossing the first glances in “Today”, The Mexican sent her a message greeting her and after a month he asked her out. In addition, she narrated how her first date was and what it was that captivated her about the Televisa morning host.

“I liked him physically, but he is also a gentleman, attentive, polite, and formal. I love Raúl, everything about him fascinates me, he is a wonderful man; I like his eyes, his smile, his good humor and as a man I am fascinated by how the parrot ruffles me … it is wonderful and spectacular! “mentioned the Colombian.

Age difference

The age difference caused some controversy in Mexico, because when they started dating, ‘El Negro’ Araiza was 56 and Margarita 36, although the driver just turned one more year on November 14. Of course, these details have not diminished in that they show and shout their love to the four winds. In fact, Raúl is proud to have found in her what he longed for. “Margarita is something that I was really looking for”, he confessed in an interview for the newspaper Reforma

Acceptance of their daughters

According to information issued by various media, the relationship between Vega and Araiza has the approval of the presenter’s daughters. “Although I do not need your authorization, you have accepted the relationship well”, he assured.

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“They take care of me a lot and are very happy with this relationship, they tell me that they see me happy, that I dance and jump … I think children notice when one is well”added the Mexican.

However, despite the acceptance, in a new interview that the host granted to TVyNovelas, he pointed out that he does not believe that his daughters have a relationship with Margarita Vega. “There is no such coexistence and I do not think there is”said Araiza, “Because my daughters are already so old that they do their things and they are already lazy”.

On the other hand, in the same interview, the Mexican confessed that the Colombian already lives with her mother-in-law: “In my house, my mother (Norma Herrera) already ate with ‘Mara’ and she became a great woman, she told me: ‘What a good girl! She is educated in the old fashioned way'”.

Raúl Araiza and Margarita Vega dancing in a video shared on their social networks (Photo: Margarita Vega / Instagram)
Raúl Araiza and Margarita Vega dancing in a video shared on their social networks (Photo: Margarita Vega / Instagram)

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