The love for wine brought strong bags under the eyes of Radina Chervenova


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21 November 2021, 11:00

The legendary journalist Radina Chervenova, who has been appearing with her column in the show “Before noon” on BTV for several months, shocks the viewers with a swollen vision. The former speaker from “Around the World and in Bulgaria”, who has been synonymous with beauty and grace for decades, has recently been amazed with bags under her eyes.The presenter of the “Dangerous Relationships” column discusses various psychological problems, but is mostly interested in topics related to infidelity, problematic marriages, hormonal adjustments, lies in relationships and how important it is to always tell the truth. The prototype of the monumental statue of Saint Sophia in the center of Sofia looks visibly tired, albeit with perfectly done TV make-up.Radina is known in the guild as a workaholic. For years she has been unreservedly dedicated to journalism, always open to conversations, ideas and various TV projects. And while some attribute her puffiness to lack of sleep, others believe that the reason is her love of wine. It is no secret that the host adores the drink of the gods and regularly tastes different varieties. Wine obviously helps her fight daily stress.Chervenova has a serious reason for toasts. On November 16, her daughter, Koko Kamenarov, with whom she officially broke up this summer, Anastasia Kmenarova, entered into a civil marriage. The happy mother was extremely excited about the event and preferred to draw generously from colleagues and acquaintances.For years, Radina was the star of the central show “Around the World and in Bulgaria”, but due to cancer she had to go off the air. Radina and Coco’s family friends even blamed her unfaithful husband for Chervenova’s health problems from stress. After the treatment, she returned her smile and started her column “Dangerous Relationships” in the show “Before noon” on BTV, but viewers do not stop insulting the psychologists she invites.

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