The Lord of the Rings actor who will not see the series

That The Lord of the rings It is a true phenomenon, it is not a novelty. But if it is that Amazon Prime Video is preparing a series based on the trilogy So what one of the actors of the original cast assured that he will not watch the episodes once they have their premiere on the platform. It is a mega production about which its protagonists have spoken on more than one occasion. However, this appears to be a final decision.

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Four years ago, Amazon’s subscription service –which is increasingly expanding its catalog with original content- acquired the rights to the successful adaptation of Peter Jackson. In this sense, they began the production of a series that takes the main elements of this cinematographic universe to give it a new look that already excites the most loyal fans. However, there are a few months left to see what this fiction will be about.

The streaming platform promised the presentation of the episodes from the September 2, 2022, with chapters that will be released weekly. And although the wait is eternal for many, they assure that it will be worth it: the recording lasted several months and was developed in more than 240 territories around the world. But for a person it does not seem such an attractive proposal and here we tell you his name.

It is Dominic Monaghan, known for his role Meriadoc Brandigamo, one of the close friends of Frodo (Elijah Wood). The actor was part of this success that, without a doubt, marked a before and after in the history of cinema: he raised millions of dollars and received awards of all kinds. With the aim of reaching a similar product, Amazon Prime Video is preparing this long-awaited series.

In dialogue with GameSpot, the figure referred to this production: “I don’t think much about the show. I don’t know how healthy it is for me to think or insist so much on it. Obviously when I was working on the project I loved it”. It also concluded: “That experience has dictated much of my life. But I haven’t seen The Lord of the Rings for probably 15 years. I’m not sure when I would do it or what would be the reason behind seeing it”.

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