The line over Soukalová’s budget: PROHIBITION OF DOCTORS

He is hungry after the movement, but he still has to wait for it. “So far, the movement has not been recommended to me from a health point of view,” Soukalová said sadly to the daily. The little one would give her time. According to Gabriela, everything sat where she had. Izabela is a sleeping baby. But the stop from doctors is relentless!

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Soukalová Koukal: Property is being solved by a criminal! And Dominic with another man

“I can’t wait to wear skates and go for a ride, or I’ll go with a carriage and a little jog. That’s it, “ said Super. In the meantime, however, he has to make do with walks with a pram. But at least you can afford a hearty one!

“We go out every day, even if the weather is not nice. I think fresh air has beneficial effects on human health. And not just for her, but for me. When only a friend leaves with a pram, I miss it and I’m looking forward to enjoying the fresh air in the forest. “

Pregnant Gábina Soukalová revealed her plans: Childbirth, name for baby and no mother ?!

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