The line of life, the unprecedented beauty and the tremendous transformation of the short century in the new novel by Cristina Stanescu

A fairy tale with a dreaming girl, sinister spells, and a lot of politics, indeed violent and revolutionary uprisings, which will radically change the world. Not bad at all The Line of Life (Sem), the second novel by Cristina Stanescu. A curious, yet natural, graft between a semi-fairytale register of the story of the formation of a swarm of children of a senior civil servant in Romania in the 1920s and 1930s and the social and political turmoil that accompanies the changes of life and future, rutilating and impetuous. Take this gypsy hand and tell me what future will I have. This is roughly how the actual “line” of the life that comes works read on Nina’s hand very young after a skating on the ice, by a surly gypsy. Nina, the most beautiful daughter of her, and for whom she loses her head half Romania feels a fleeting sentence: “You will live a lot and life will take you far”, but be careful “you will have to fight, you will win, but you will also lose“. In short, here it is immediately the sentimental historical plot that will unfold for the daughter of the illustrious Hristu, suddenly widowed, liberal democrat of yesteryear who plans stern but without arrogance the comfortable existence for all his five children. But as in the most vibrant historical novels, nothing will correspond to the will of the mature official. Above all, Nina and Niki will offer him unexpected and heavy headaches: the first by marrying the beloved captain and not the horrible policeman imposed by his father; the second following the extremist deeds of the (real) political guru Codreanu and his Iron Guard. In between are the “isms” of the twenties and thirties, the powder keg of the twentieth century, the devastating motion that transformed history. Stanescu places the growth and adulthood of the protagonist and the protagonist precisely on the ridge between the minimalist intimist and the ideological maximalism. extending the time up to Stalin and the affirmation of Ceausescu. With a dry style and a language that does not mind frills, the bold youthful abnormality made of drapes, perfumes and toys, vampire castles, snow-capped mountains and ferocious bears gradually makes room for the material drama of history without ever losing sight of the dream (here is the Italian sea). Compelling, smooth, even informativeThe line of life leaves a mark that seems subtle but which carries with it the unprecedented beauty and tremendous transformation of the short century.

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