The life of bees has halved in 50 years!

Worldwide, honey bee populations are declining. In question, diseases, parasitesparasites and exposure to pesticidespesticides. And the results of the work of a team from Maryland (United States) on American bees further darken the picture. They show an overall decline in the lifespan of these bees. By no less than 50% lost over the past 50 years. A potentially independent decline in risk factors stressstress already known environments.

What makes them say that? The fact that this decline of thelife expectancylife expectancy bees beesbees has been observed in laboratory-reared bees. So, of course, the living conditions in the laboratory are different from those outside. But scientists do their best to imitate them. However, by eliminating exposure to pollution, etc. And until then, all the studies showed a durationduration life of bees similar in the laboratory to what it is outside.

According to the researchers’ models, the loss rates resulting from this phenomenon on the colonies are around 33%. A figure well within the range of those reported for fifteen years by beekeepers, between 30 and 40%.

The researchers suspect genetic factors that they will now endeavor to isolate.

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