The LFP is racist, Ajaccio persists and signs

Things have suddenly gone into a spin in recent hours in the passing of arms between the League and AC Ajaccio.

AC Ajaccio had set fire the day before by issuing a murderous statement against the LFP. The Corsican club reacted to the suspension of one of its players, who received a suspension match and another suspended by the disciplinary committee. Oumar Gonzalez was sanctioned for having simulated an aggression suffered at the end of the match against Grenoble. This decision literally unpin the formation of Ligue 2, which put everything in the same bag for a vitriolic press release to attack the authorities, the Covid, and the national plot against AC Ajaccio. A press release entitled the scam, and of which here are the extracts.

« The Scam. No, this is not the famous film with Robert Redford! It is another genre which is inspired by the Corsican context… We know, our players know it, our supporters also, absolutely everything will be done to make it difficult and preferably impossible a possible accession of the ACA… Thanks to the COVID, we accumulate the matches in a very short time, the Covid, you know this virus which allows the Cup to play but prohibits the third from playing the play-offs!

And then there is the icing on the cake, the gang in Deneu. It has already been illustrated by an incomprehensible decision condemning us for having been assaulted. Another innovation, be sure it will not be the last, our player Oumar Gonzalez is suspended with a firm match and a suspended sentence. He would have simulated after the assault at the end of the match against Grenoble!

The note is salty, especially as the opposing player involved, has seen his red card withdrawn. From there to think that Mr. Deneu and his team are doing xenophobia, there is only one step that we do not hesitate to take. (…) So do your dirty work, we are used to it but have the decency not to invoke the deontology and ethics of football where there is, unless we are mistaken, a precise scale … if not is… at the head of the client… or of the club. How many players to date have we suffered such a sanction for the same alleged facts? AC Ajaccio, which is still far behind in its accusations, said. President Christian Leca, representing Ligue 2 clubs in the LFP and a member of the League’s board of directors, confirmed the Corsican club’s position against the LFP. For his part, the general manager of the League, denounced this attitude and is considering filing a complaint.

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