The leak of the documentary Karel to the Internet is over: Everything will be handled by the police

The life of the late Karel Gott († 80), or a documentary about him, will soon be investigated by criminal investigators! The distributor of the film Karel, who was annoyed by the piracy of some Czechs, wants to contact them. The film, which has its official TV premiere on ČT1 tomorrow, has been published at least twice on the freely available YouTube portal.

Since last October, the documentary has been in cinemas, since December 24 it has been broadcast in the Czech Republic by the Netflix streaming platform, and it will not be broadcast on free-to-air television until tomorrow. But tens of thousands of people have seen it on YouTube before, where it has been published by at least two users since Christmas. The distribution company intervened only after the daily Aha! She had the document downloaded from the portal.

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He has to answer

“We are now taking legal action and wanting to bring those who released the film to justice. We will turn to the shelf, “said Aha! Bontofilm spokesman Lukáš Vedral. The situation is also being resolved by Netflix, where Karel was illegally withdrawn and subsequently disseminated. “The situation is now being handled by a special piracy team. He then takes further action. However, the company does not want to specify them at the moment, “Veronika Schieblová, spokeswoman for the Czech Netflix office, told us. Karel Gott he would probably wonder what is happening around his film in the Czech Republic now …

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