The Last Secret of Miro Žbirka († 69): Everything could have been different!

Most musicians have a hallmark, Meky were distinctive glasses, most often pilots. However, he has also worn them since he was 17 years old. He only gave them up for a while in the 1980s and had the same opportunity earlier this year after undergoing eye surgery.

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He could definitely put his glasses away from February, but he decided to keep them on. It just wouldn’t be him! “Thanks to Mr. Novák, I see it today as an eagle. I could put off my glasses, but it’s already such an image, “ then explained to the portal The singer was always very proud of his collection of frames, he carefully kept all his glasses for the rest of his life.

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He eventually decided to give up some for a good cause. According to the website, he donated several of them to a charity project to help children. “I have quite a few. You could say they’re typical of me. I never gave any away. Only on this occasion, “ said modestly Miro Žbirka, who died unexpectedly in his sleep in the hospital on November 10.

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