The Last of Us, the series: Ellie and Joel leave a key area of ​​the game in new footage from the set

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The shooting of the HBO Max series The Last of Us is currently in full swing in the United States, which is the occasion to discover a small preview thanks to images captured by fans present on the spot. Recently, videos of a sequence shot in a university were filmed. On the extracts visible below (the quality of which is not optimal, we grant you), we can see Ellie and Joel on horseback in the heart of a university. If we put aside the winter landscape of the scene, this particular place will no doubt seem familiar to those familiar with the video game from which the series is inspired.

In this chapter titled “The University”, Joel and Ellie ride their horses to a campus in search of the science building, in which they hope to find members of the Fireflies. It is thus an opportunity for them to open up to each other, and in particular for Joel to make some confidences about his past. However, things don’t take long to turn sour when they realize that the premises are particularly empty. Surprised by looters who have set a trap for them, Joel ends up being injured and Ellie is forced to guide them at full speed away from campus.

As you can see from one of the videos seen above, one of the scenes shot that day shows Joel fighting with a fairly aggressive opponent, who could be one of the raiders. The series thus seems to reproduce certain sets and sequences of the game almost identically, which can only delight fans of the franchise. It will probably not be a true copy either and should differ in certain respects from the first part of The Last of Us, especially on the side of the characters since some were created especially for the show.

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