The Last of Us Season 1 Adapts the Entire First Game? Look

The Last of Us is not a long game, taking around 16h to complete. That said, what about the HBO adaptation? Will the first season adapt the entire first game? We’ll see that now.

Thankfully, The Last of Us creators Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann provided a concrete answer: The Last of Us season 1 will cover all of the events of the first game. They also talked about the show’s potential second year.

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In an interview with Gizmodo, Mazin said, “Season 1 covers the events of the first game – and you can tell, if you’ve played the game by watching the marketing materials that we’re also covering the events of Left Behind.” For those who don’t know, Left Behind is additional content (DLC) for the first game, which takes place before Joel and Ellie’s first meeting.

With the knowledge that Season 1 will cover the entire first Last of Us game, the next logical question is, “Can the same be said of a potential Season 2 and The Last of Us 2?

In the same interview, Mazin also addressed this issue: “I think the amount of story left that we haven’t covered would be more than a season of television. So, assuming we can keep moving forward, the idea would be to do more than just one more season.” In theory, this means that both a hypothetical second season and third season of The Last of Us would tackle The Last of Us: Part II.

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More about The Last of Us

“A plot that borders on human extinction. Twenty years after the fall of civilization, Joel is hired to get Ellie out of a dangerous quarantine zone,” reads the official synopsis for The Last of Us.

The Last of Us debuted on Rotten Tomatoes earlier this week with a rare 100% rating. The rating has declined slightly since then, to 98%, but it broke a record for the highest-rated live-action video game adaptation.

In addition to Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsay as Ellie, the cast of The Last of Us also includes Gabriel Luna (Matador), Anna Torv (Mindhunter), Merle Dandridge (Jesus Christ Superstar), Melanie Lynskey (Yellowjackets) and Rutina Wesley (True Blood).

The Last of Us airs on HBO and the platform HBO Max. Click here to find out when the next episodes will be released.

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