The last night of Love: Pierfrancesco Favino in the trailer of the detective story

The trailer for L’ultimo notte di Amore has been unveiled, the new film with Pierfrancesco Favino that will be presented at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival 2023.

Pierfrancesco Favino in action in trailer Of The Last Night of Love, the new film directed by Andrea Di Stefano also starring Linda Caridi, Antonio Gerardi, Francesco Di Leva. The film will premiere at the 73rd Berlin International Film Festival, in the Berlinale Special Gala section, and then arrive at the cinema on March 9, distributed by Vision.

The last night of love is an Indiana Production, Memo films, Adler entertainment and Vision distribution production, in collaboration with Sky, distributed by Vision. The film tells the story of a police lieutenant who, the night before his retirement, is called to investigate the crime scene where his best friend was killed.

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The synopsis of Last night of love play: Franco Amore is said to be Love in name and in fact. Of himself he says that throughout his life he has always tried to be an honest person, a policeman who in 35 years of honorable career has never shot a man. These are in fact the words that Franco wrote in the speech he will give the day after his last night on duty. But that night will be longer and more difficult than he ever could have imagined. And he will endanger everything that matters to him: his job as a state servant, his great love for his wife Viviana, his friendship with his colleague Dino, his own life. On that night, everything is frantically knotted in the streets of a Milan where light never seems to arrive.

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