The last Jew from Afghanistan has also left the country due to the fear of the Taliban

काबुल last Jew from Afghanistan After the forced occupation by the Taliban in Afghanistan, there is a rapid exodus of people. Fear is high, especially among the minority community, and Sikhs and Hindus are increasingly migrating from Afghanistan. Meanwhile, the last Jewish person from Afghanistan has also left the country. Now there is not a single Jew left in Afghanistan after this man left the country. The last person to leave Afghanistan is Zebulon Sementov and he was an Israeli American businessman and was given special protection while leaving Afghanistan. According to media reports, Zebulon Sementov has currently been taken to a neighboring country. Zebulon Simentov had been running an American company in Afghanistan for the past several years.

Zebulon Simentov saw many ups and downs in Afghanistan

Zebulon Simentov, the last Jewish man to leave Afghanistan, saw many ups and downs in the country, but always refused to leave the country. But now it was not possible for him to work in Afghanistan under adverse conditions and decided to leave Afghanistan with a heavy heart. He also saw the era of the Soviet Union in Afghanistan and the Taliban regime in 1996.

Zebulon Simentov’s life was in danger

Security agencies had received information that Zebulon Sementov’s life was in danger and therefore he was being kept under tight security for the past 10 days. According to security agencies, they were the target of Islamic State-Khorasan terrorists. They agreed to leave the country at the behest of security officials. According to the report, Zebulon Simentov had requested the security agency to take some of his close friends and neighbors out of Afghanistan along with him, after which 29 of his neighbors have also been expelled from the country along with him.

Zebulon Simentov was born in Herat in 1950

Zebulon Sementov was born in the Herat province of Afghanistan in 1950 and moved to Kabul in the 1980s. Currently Zebulon Simentov’s family is in New York and now they can meet their family soon.

Jews were living in Afghanistan for 2500 years

Significantly, the Jewish community has been living on the soil of Afghanistan for the last 2500 years, but with the departure of Zebulon Simentov, the last Jew has also left from this country and the name of Jews in Afghanistan has been erased.

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