The last declaration of Alain Delon’s son on the state of his father’s health worries everyone …

In a recent interview for the magazine Gala, Brigitte Bardot confided in her relationship with Alain Delon. Since the death of Jean-Paul Belmondo, the 87-year-old actress has no news from her friend. She says she is very worried about her state of health. Indeed, according to the star, the famous actor seems to have closed in on himself. “Usually I always send her a nice letter for her birthday, first explained the wife of Bernard d’Ormale. But there, for two years, I no longer have any answer. I have the impression that he doesn’t correspond with anyone anymore and I don’t want to encumber him with my messages. He is, like me, a wild and solitary animal ”.

If the media universe tries to know more about the discretion of Alain Delon, impossible to count on the family of the actor. Returning to the screen after several years of absence, Anthony Delon was interviewed by the editorial staff of Star TV. Alyson, Lou and Liv’s dad is in the film’s casting “Murders at Mont-Saint Michel”. A production by Marie-Hélène Copti which will be broadcast on January 15 on France 3. In an interview available today in the columns of our colleagues, the actor opened his heart.

But if he returned to the death of his mother, he did not wish to broach the subject of his father. “And how is your father, Alain Delon?” “ asks the journalist. A question that Anthony Delon brushed aside with a single sentence: “I don’t want to talk about it. “ Do father and son still have a good relationship? Anyway, the one who played Tancrède Falconeri in Luchino Visconti’s famous feature film, “The Cheetah”, wants to stay in the shadows. However, the latter seemed to have regained strength on his birthday last November after suffering a double stroke.

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