The lady who climbed on a dolphin about to run aground spent the night in the cell: “She just wanted to stroke it”

The scene took place on Tuesday off Zandvoort (Netherlands), in the North Sea. A dolphin that seemed lost was about to wash up on the beach. Fortunately, several swimmers stepped up to help him and put him back in the right direction, in the hope that he would swim again towards deeper waters. What he did.

But while the rescue operation was going well, a lady suddenly decided to throw herself on the animal’s back, slowing it down. She first grabbed him, before stepping over him.

Several people then intervened and managed to control the lady, who did not seem aware of the dangerousness of her gesture. The animal was finally able to escape.

“She just wanted to pet him”

The woman was arrested by the police. According to her lawyer, she never wanted to hurt the animal, report our colleagues from Het Laatste Nieuws. “She’s a big animal lover and tried to pet the dolphin,” he said.

After spending a night in a cell, the woman was released Thursday afternoon after questioning. The rest of the investigation will determine the proceedings against him, in particular for animal abuse.

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