The L1 has no more secrets for OL, it will hurt

While Olympique Lyonnais will officially start their 2022-2023 exercise against Ajaccio on August 5, Peter Bosz wants to be resolutely optimistic for the coming season.

Landed in Lyon alongside Juninho and Jean-Michel Aulas a little over a year ago, Peter Bosz had a complicated first season. Between the departure of the Brazilian sporting director during the season and the poor results, with a final eighth place in L1, the Dutch coach could have cracked or been fired. But not at all, knowing that he still has the confidence of his leaders. Well, not indefinitely. Suffice to say that Bosz will therefore have some form of pressure in the weeks to come, given that with the summer recruitment carried out, notably via the returns of Lacazette and Tolisso, the former Ajax coach will no longer have the right to error. He will absolutely have to put OL back on the podium of the French championship in order to find the Champions League in 2023. Not enough to make Bosz tremble.

“This summer preparation gives me a lot of confidence”

“There are a lot of things that have changed compared to last season’s preparation. Now I know France, my team, Ligue 1, I know what we need to be better this season. I am calmer, I know exactly what to do and how. The fans are 100% right to expect results. I agree with them. They have the right to think about it. Does that put more pressure on me? No, because I have been working at the top level for such a long time. I know that pressure is an integral part of this job. Every game you win, she’ll go down. When you lose, it goes up. In my job, it’s normal. I have more confidence than last season. I don’t have any more certainties because in this profession, there are very few. But I know the league and my players better. This summer preparation gives me a lot of confidence. We are working well, the players are in good shape. They are much better at understanding what I’m asking. That’s a lot of positives.”, explained, on the Olympique-et-Lyonnais site, the coach of Les Gones, who still wants the arrival of a number six and a left side during this summer transfer window in order to have a full workforce. And with that, Bosz will have no more excuses in case of failures…

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