The L-Ghent lawyer struck down China Suárez: "I sing better"

Some time ago, L-Ghent spoke about the musical career of China Suárez, and the actress reacted furiously on social networks. “Dear L-Gante. When you weren’t born, I already sang. I think you spoke to the ped…, I still dance your songs. Best regards”, Shooting the current girlfriend of rushing on her Twitter, visibly offended.

Since then, the ex “Almost angels” released his first track as a solo artist, and many issued criticism on social mediatalking about plagiarism and modifications in his voice. Recently, one of those who joined these observations was the lawyer of the leader of the “Cumbia 420″, Alexander Cipolla.

In dialogue with John Etchegoyen in “Miter Live”, the lawyer spoke in principle about his friendship with More Rial, after the loss of her pregnancy and the separation of The Maxi. “What matters to me is that she is well and that she comes to live in Buenos Aires. Córdoba is very nice, just in case they come out to criticize me later, their place is here”, opined.

L-Ghent with his lawyer, Alejandro Cipolla.

“The only thing missing is for Cordovans to criticize it, the fans of the China Suarez and Tini Stoessel”, replied the driver, to which Cipolla asked in a spicy way: “Now China sings, doesn’t she? Did I bring up her theme?”

In that sense, Etchegoyen asked: Do you like what China Suárez does?

The L-Ghent lawyer doubted China Suarez’s vocal abilities.

“It seems to me that today Argentine music has grown so much, especially in quarantine, largely because of Elián and some ragpickers, now everyone wants to be a musician without knowing how to sing, we are seeing a musical decline in piquecommented for his part the defender of the boyfriend of Tamara Baez.

After that forceful reflection, he added: If we remove the autotune a couple, I sing better, you asked me about China and I tell you that, I don’t know if I would be such a good singer without the autotune”

See what the L-Ghent lawyer said about the musical talent of China Suárez



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