"The knee twisted" : this former Miss France who was seriously injured this weekend…

It’s no secret that Laury Thilleman is a great sportswoman. Among the former beauty queens, the one who was crowned Miss France 2011 is undoubtedly one of those who practice sports the most intensely. The intrepid young woman from Brittany regularly likes to share with us on social networks her daily life punctuated by sports sessions, surfing, marathons, diving, yoga, climbing, hiking and other extreme activities that force them to surpass themselves like never before.

But with any sporting activity, its risks. The one who broke up with her ex-husband chef Juan Arbelaez revealed on Instagram this weekend that she was the victim of a surfing accident. “Thank you for all your little messages. The knee twisted yesterday when it touched the bottom after a wave that was a bit too committed for my little level of amateur suicide bomber, but the morale is there! The verdict is in: it’s the meniscus that is affected, the MRI will tell us more but surely a small sprain, so for the moment it’s rest and clay galore! “, she informed in publication of a snapshot on which we can see her knee swollen and covered with clay.

The 31-year-old young woman will now have to take a little rest to fully recover, especially since she will be hosting alongside André Manoukian on Tuesday November 29 on France 3 the “Fête de la chanson française”, an evening event from the Palais des Congrès with the big names of the French scene.

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