The King of Crime is Back! Remember Wilson Fisk’s great moments in the comics

Villain is an eternal threat in the Marvel universe

the last episode of Archer hawk ended with a doubt present to the audience from the first episode; who is the mind behind the crimes of the trucker gang? After much speculation it was revealed that none other than the King of Crime himself was about to start his journey on the MCU, initially continuing the version presented in the Netflix series of demolisher.

Still the version played by Vincent D’Onofrio is not the only one to cause chaos in the lives of Marvel heroes, with the villain being responsible for being the bogeyman of New York since 1967. Check out the moments when Wilson Fisk made the heroes’ lives a martyrdom.

The King of Crime and the Daredevil have an extremely destructive relationship, in which, not infrequently, one is always considered the nemesis of the other. Among the various clashes fought by both, is the seventh volume of the series signed by Brian Michael Bendis entitled Hardcore. In the plot, Daredevil tries to get on with his life with a new relationship, but a murder charge falls into his lap and his life becomes even more chaotic.

“Hardcore” continued Daredevil’s morally complex stories

Meanwhile, Fisk resumes his campaign to regain control of the city and, to deal with the Fearless Man, brings with him two of the hero’s enemies. In a story that tells two separate stories, the journeys of Matt Murdock and Wilson Fisk run parallel to a bloody clash.

The gangster does not live only on wars; sometimes an unlikely alliance is needed to achieve the goals. After becoming the leader of the organization known as “The Hand”, Daredevil builds a prison in Hell’s Kitchen for his enemies. His criminal attitudes soon trigger, albeit annoyed, Marvel’s street heroes (such as Luke Cage, Iron Fist and Spider-Man).

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Fisk pits Marvel’s greatest heroes against their archenemy: the Devil from Hell’s Kitchen

In the meantime, Fisk appears with a goal aligned with that of the heroes, as The Hand is disrupting his business. The heroes do not agree with Fisk’s help, so he decides to play hardball by summoning Ghost Rider, through a scroll, to deal with Murdock. In this way, the King of Crime controlled the messenger of hell.

The height of the enmity between the King of Crime and the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen was signed by none other than Frank Miller, during the period he was at the helm of the hero series. The plot begins with Karen Page, then Matt’s ex-girlfriend and completely addicted to narcotics, who hands over Daredevil’s identity to a drug dealer in exchange for the illicit substance.

This criminal then contacts Fisk and offers the information for a very high price; the gangster doesn’t hesitate to buy. Now knowing the identity of his greatest enemy, the King of Crime begins to attack on time the Daredevil’s allies, destroying each one’s life and leaving Matt for last. Only then does he reveal his vigilant identity to the world.

With all assets blocked and being hunted by police and crime, Daredevil finds himself in an endless and increasingly hopeless fall. Such is the despair that even your unshakable faith in divine justice begins to weaken and killing your enemy gradually becomes the only solution.

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