The King: Eternal Monarch has unforgettable scenes from Woo Do Hwan

Nothing like reliving some of the best scenes from The King, Eternal Monarch to remember how amazing the drama was, today we tell you about the unforgettable moments of Woo Do Hwan.

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The drama most recent of Lee Min Ho that has been in broadcast became a phenomenon among international fans, because in addition to a story with action, mystery, romance and fantasy, it included a great cast.

Woo Do Hwan, like several members of the cast, he was in charge of giving life to two different roles, one of them lived in the Kingdom of Korea and another in the Republic that we know in real life, so he showed more than one facet of his performance .

This guy is one of the characters dearest of The King: Eternal MonarchWell, in addition to being talented and attractive, he showed that he adapts very well to funny or serious roles, today we want to remember a little of his character and that is why we have chosen some of our favorite scenes from the korean actor.

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Woo Do Hwan’s Best Moments from The King: Eternal Monarch

One of the coolest and funniest moments occurred when Lee Gon and the Unbreakable Sword traveled to the world of Tae Eul, specifically when Jo Young and Jo Eun Seob meet. We saw Woo Do Hwan playing two totally opposite characters and their reactions made us laugh without fail.

Another moment where we were able to enjoy the duality of this actor with his two roles was when Jo Young was on the street and had to act like Eun Seob, imitating his way of speaking and behaving

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Of course, we cannot leave aside the heroic moments of this actor and although Jo Young had several of them, one that became memorable was carried out by Eun Seob, as he was the one who saved Lee Gong from an unexpected attack.


Although the two sides of Woo Do Hwan we met did not seem to get along at all, when it was time to say goodbye they showed that little by little they became fond of each other’s lives and had an adorable scene together.

The return of the real Eun Seob to the Republic of Korea was also very special, because nothing like seeing him show how much he missed being at home and surrounded by those he loves the most.

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