The jungle camp stars have this in their suitcases!

The jungle camp stars give a glimpse into their suitcases. In a few days, the popular reality show with snakes, cockroaches and co. will be going into the next round. The twelve candidates have already arrived in South Africa and are preparing for their stay away from civilization in their lodges. They are only allowed to take two luxury items with them into the camp itself – but the participants have packed all kinds of stuff for the time before and after.

Janina Youssefian (39) told opposite imagethat she definitely had to bring her own hairbrush: “The others will definitely be full of cockroaches and other critters over time, I think that’s terrible.” Even for the Ex on the Beach starlet Tara Tabitha (28), arriving without your own brush was out of the question. The reason for this is their extensions. Tina Ruland (55), on the other hand, was more concerned about her clothes. “I mainly packed colorful clothes because I’m really into it. Diving goggles and my straw sun hat are a must.”, revealed the actress. Eric Stehfest (32) should have had no place for such things. Since he is accompanied by his wife and two children, there are fewer things in his suitcase for him, but rather milk powder and diapers for the little ones.

Christin Okpara (26), on the other hand, thought about her luggage in vain. The former Are You The One? participant is no longer allowed to move into the camp and will now be replaced by Jasmin Herren (43). Previously, the Trash TV riot brush had said: “I packed a lot of summer dresses and designer clothes – I want to look good. I’m the queen – and the queen needs three suitcases to make me look befitting.”

Janina Youssefian in January 2022 in South Africa

Instagram / janinayoussefian

Janina Youssefian in January 2022 in South Africa
Eric and Edith Stehfest with their children
Christin Okpara, Reality-TV-Bekanntheit

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