The IRM warns this Saturday: fog and patches of frost are to be expected in several provinces before the appearance of the sun

The IRM issued a double alert concerning many provinces this Saturday morning. They concern slippery conditions but also fog. “The presence of fog may cause the formation of frost patches and make the roads slippery,” writes the IRM. “In Lower and Middle Belgium, banks of (freezing) fog may limit visibility to less than 200 m, or even locally less than 100 m. »

Hainaut, Walloon Brabant and Brussels are concerned, as is Flanders. The alert ends late Saturday morning.

During the day, the clouds will break and the sun will make beautiful appearances with occasional veils of high clouds. The greyness could possibly persist in the west of the country. The highs will vary between 2 and 7 degrees.

Next night the cloudiness will increase from the west, but the weather is still expected to remain mostly dry. Freezing fog may still form in the Ardennes. Temperatures will drop to between -3 and +2 degrees.

On Sunday, an area of ​​weakened precipitation will arrive from the coast. Despite some clearings, low clouds will be predominant and sometimes bring a little rain. In the Hautes Fagnes, precipitation may adopt a winter character. The maximum will be between 1 or 2 degrees in Upper Belgium and 7 or 8 degrees in Flanders. The wind will be moderate from the southwest, then moving to the west-northwest. It will weaken in the evening.

At the start of the week, gray weather and rain will still be on the menu, but will give way from time to time to a few sunny spells.

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