The international Kolečka scandal: Unexpected support for the fired Aneta

Slovakia is furious. According to the residents of Trebišov, this is a new venture Wheels it mocks their native region and presents it in the worst possible light. The truth is that the film deals with controversial topics, such as alcoholism at school, or the not-so-praiseworthy education of the population, however, the director defends himself by saying that he only wanted to point out social taboos, which were also addressed to some extent by Aneta Vignerová (34) in the small town where she grew up.

Aneta Vignerová in the mountains with her son and former mother-in-law!

“She lived the story of a girl from an excluded background who got into big modeling. This was just the basics and the rest is fiction of course.” Kolečko defended himself on TV Joj.

Surprisingly, even Aneta, who unexpectedly defended her flighty ex-partner, has no problem with the picture. “That story is not mine, it could be called Aneta. The fact that people would write to me that I am a Gypsy is already artistic license. It’s just an inspiration. I am glad that the series is a success in Slovakia, even though it is very controversial. There hasn’t been a series about Miss yet, and I think it’s great to do it at that level.” said Aneta according to

Miss Aneta Vignerová went into business! Who put her up to it?

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